Terms and Conditions

  1. A booking form/boarding contract will have to be completed and signed by yourselves. You are signing to say you accept the terms and conditions of Country Cats. This will also cover future bookings. Country Cats requires a contact number of a friend or relative in case of any problems.
  2. Cats should be brought and collected during specified opening hours unless by prior arrangement.
  3. All cats must be vaccinated against: Cat flu, feline enteritis and preferably feline leukaemia. But the latter is not compulsory. A current valid vaccination card showing vaccination within the last 12 months for cat/cats must be shown on admission. And the card will stay at the Cattery for the duration of your cats stay.
  4. We need to be informed of any medical history and it should be written on the booking form. Country Cats reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat that shows signs of illness, pending veterinary advice. If necessary the proprietor will treat a cat for any infestations noticed to prevent their spread and the owner charged. (Flea’s, worms etc).
  5. Veterinary insurance is included and covers fee’s on treatment for problems that arise during boarding. It does not cover on-going illnesses or injuries received prior to boarding. A £8 fee is charged to cover Country Cats costs for transporting the cat to the vet.
  6. Cats should be transported in secure carriers. Country cats will not be held responsible for cats in transit.
  7. Country cats reserves the right to hand-over to a reputable charity any cat that has not been collected within 7 days of the agreed collection date.
  8. Payment in full is due on collection, however longer stays must be paid by monthly instalments.
  9. 14 days notice of cancellation must be given, failure to do so will result in loss of deposit and the full boarding fee could be charged.
  10. Un-neutered males over 6 months old will not be accepted.